Join the Mugg & Bean family and own one of South Africa’s most loved restaurants. For over 2 decades, Mugg & Bean has been synonymous with generosity. That doesn’t only go for what we give our customers, but what we do for our franchisees too. As a Mugg & Bean owner you gain access to an integrated support system that will ensure your investment yields more and more results.

Every Type of M&B to Suit You

The Mugg & Bean brand is about so much more than just sit-down restaurants. While our restaurants have become a place for people to come together and enjoy Bottomless drinks and generous food portions, there are other opportunities to draw in different types of customers.

Sit-Down Restaurants

One of South Africa’s favourite restaurants with an extensive menu of drinks, meals and freshly baked treats.

Mugg & Bean On-The-Move

Partnering with Total petrol stations, On-The-Move restaurants offer quick convenience with a menu of food items that differs slightly from our sit-down restaurants. On-The-Move restaurants are strictly counter service only with no seating.

Mugg & Bean On-The-Move Limited Service

On-The-Move Limited Service restaurants have a few tables for customers to sit down at if they wish, with some table service.

Mugg & Bean On-The-Move Clip-On

These are quick service counters offering an OTM menu that are usually clipped onto sit-down restaurants located in malls to attract foot traffic and quick sales.

Mugg & Bean Move Thru

Our latest addition to the M&B family. Mugg & Bean Move Thru offers the convenience and speed of an OTM in a drive thru setting.

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For Further Information:

National Enquiries:

Yvonne van Wyk
011 651 5920

Doralda Govender
011 554 4503

International Enquiries:

Karina Spies
011 651 6756